Mail Surprise!

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The energy & resilience training actually went really well today.  I heard a few things I was already familiar with, but I also walked away with some ideas, thoughts, and strategies to manage my time both at work and at home much better.  One of the ideas already carried over into my workout today.  One aspect covered was increasing energy through physical activity (something we all are familiar with) and the facilitator touched on intervals.  I read magazines (Self, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Glamour) so this is nothing new, but I’ve yet to really engage in a true interval workout.  The nurse practitioner stated she ran marathons and these really did help her get faster and I thought, today is the day!

With that fresh in my head, I hopped on the treadmill at the gym and set up the speed interval program and started jogging.  I had a complete bimbo moment when I realized 9 min into it I had to HIT the button to get it to go between the interval speeds.  Duh, Krissie!  I laughed at myself and worked through going from 6.5mph and 5.5 mph for the next 11 min.  Normally, treadmill workouts are boring and monotonous because I can’t distract myself.  I flew through this and suddenly I was cooling down!  I felt awesome and did a little ab work to wrap up my workout.  It was a good session and I’m going to do at least one interval run a week from now on (small changes, kids).

After the gym, I got home and saw a little package in the mailbox.  At first I thought it was the new phone case I ordered!  I ripped it open and this is what I found:

WHAT?!?  I actually won one of those magazine giveaways!  It’s hilarious because earlier today I told one of my coworkers that I didn’t think anyone actually won any of these things, and here it is, proof someone does!  I would’ve much rather preferred an island getaway, but who am I to say no to some free (expensive) makeup!

Can’t wait to try it out and see how well it works.  I’ve wanted to get some good eyeshadow primer and now I have it.  Woo!

After the initial excitement of free stuff, I had a post workout snack:

More of the Great Harvest Nine Grain with some Skippy Natural Chunky PB and a glass of Smart Balance Skim Milk.

Dinner was the same as last night, so I’ll refrain from boring you with repeat pics.  :)

Have you ever won a magazine giveaway?

11 thoughts on “Mail Surprise!

  1. That’s so fun!!! I’ve never won a magazine giveaway but I have won a few blog giveaways!

    • I need to make random statements like that more often, such as, “No one ever decides to send me free shoes for no reason!” Haha. A girl can dream. ;)

  2. The only way I can manage treadmill runs is by doing intervals. I was training for my first half during winter and there were just some days when I couldn’t get out for a run. 8 miles on the dreadmill??? Only when intervals are mixed in there!! LOL.

    Score on that win by the way!

    • I can do a straight 5 if I am going hard, but I really think intervals are going to be my treadmill weapon of choice from now on.

  3. Ooh, that’s awesome! I’ve heard that’s a really good makeup brand too! The only thing I’ve ever won was a VHS copy of “Rookie of the Year” when I was little. haha!

  4. I just won a blog giveaway today!! Which is crazy bc I seriously never win anything. Maybe I should go play the lottery and ride this thing out… Congrats on your win :)

  5. Just wanted to say hello and thanks for checking out my blog! It’s always nice to meet fellow Philly bloggers.

    I can’t say that I have ever won a giveaway (I have the worst luck) but I do have Too Faced Shadow Insurance and have loved it so far. It does it’s job well.

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