NYC Night #1

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Good morning from NYC (just off Times Square to be exact)!  As I had hoped, I’m having a blast here.  Our bus arrived right on time and I was greeted by Jenn shortly after.  We caught a cab to her place and the gabfest began.  We spent the next four hours catching up on anything and everything that’s been happening over the last 14 years.  Amazing we packed it into that short window of time!  Then, it was off to dinner!

I was told the place would be fancypants, so I busted out this dress (with nude heels, NOT the shoes pictured).


And Jenn wore a cute maxi dress.  I was talking too much to think to get a pic of us together.  Oops!  We had reservations at Daniel and man, was that place swanky.  We ordered cocktails while waiting for Jenn’s fiance to arrive from work.  Mine tasted like fresh chamomile tea and had a sprig of lavender adorning the top.  Shortly after our cocktails arrived, Joe also arrived and we were seated.  I apologize for the pics ahead, I was trying to be discreet and not all the pics came out well.

We started off with some mini apps.


The first tray is smoked salmon, center was a pea puree of some kind, and the last a shrimp with celery?  I’m not sure but it all tasted amazing.  The bread came next and being Irish, you just can’t say no to bread.


I ended up eating this little dude with my hands (not sure if I was supposed to) because had I tried to cut it, it would’ve gone flying into the table next to use.  Real classy.  After bread came our real appetizers.  I picked the lobster ravioli.


Awesome blurry pic, right?  It was delicious as hell.  I meant to share some, but ended up forgetting because it was that good.


Jenn ordered a white cosmo which came with this awesome ice ball containing an orchid.  I ordered a dragontail.  It was fruity and fresh.


Jenn told me she picked the place mainly based on the cocktail menu.  They did not disappoint in any way.


Jenn ordered the Trio of Milk Fed Pig from Quebec and seemed very pleased with her dish.  I ordered the halibut (not on the menu online) which came with bacon wrapped lettuce.


The fish was perfection.  It was juicy and just fell right apart with the fork.  The bacon wrapped lettuce (which had other chopped veggies in it, too) was amazing.  I’ve never tasted food so good before in such a fancy setting.  Dessert was part of the course selection Joe picked, so we each picked something different.


Chocolate mousse for me.  Check out that dessert architecture!  Every part of this was insanely yummy and I loved the visual setup.


Jenn picked citrus soaked stawberries which came with this raspberry jelly swirl.  Also very good.  I was blown by all this crazy dessert presentations.


What a horrible pic!  Joe had the rhubarb and I did not do this dessert visual justice.  Sorry!

After dinner, we hopped a cab back to the apartment and hung out chatting and eventually watched Your Highness.  I knew the movie wasn’t going to be amazing, but it was worse than I expected.  I said WTF more than I was laughing, which is not a good thing.  To date, Balls of Fury is still THE WORST movie I have ever seen and I mourn the hours of my life that I lost watching it.  If you’ve never seen it, DON’T DO IT.  Trust me, so bad.

(Sidenote:  I normally enjoy stupid humor movies a lot, but those movies were just stupid, imo).

Today’s adventures involve seeing the Savage Beauty exhibit and who knows what else!  I also apologize for the previous post being a little all over, I had written it on the bus (which was supposed to have wifi, it didn’t) and didn’t upload it til after dinner.  :)  Best laid plans, I swear.

Hope you all are having a good weekend so far!

8 thoughts on “NYC Night #1

  1. “bacon wrapped lettuce”

    That is EXACTLY how I like my lettuce, lol.

    Thanks for the tip on your Highness, I normally love Natalie Portman in funny roles but if it’s THAT big of a bummer, I’ll watch reruns of 30 Rock, thank you very much.

    (ps your dress makes you look like a rockstar)

    • Thanks!!! :)

      I thought having her, James Franco, & Danny McBride would really make for a funny movie, and it had some decent moments, but I don’t think I’d watch it again unless it was the only thing on TV. So sad.

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