I <3 NY

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Here’s how the rest of the weekend played out.

We got up Saturday and made our way to get lunch.  We had menchenko which I have never tried before.  It was a more lunch than breakfast since we didn’t get out and about until noonish.  We started with a round of Kirin.


I’ve had Sapporo, but not Kirin and this was light and refreshing.  I don’t recall the name of my dish, but it was made with peanut sauce and that sounded good to me!


The dish is more soup than entree and has real ramen noodles in it.  I loved it and it was really filling but not overwhelming.  I’ll have to get the name of the place from Jenn.  Speaking of Jenn…


Here is proof we were actually together!  14 years later and it felt like it was only 5 min.  That’s a true friendship.  ;)  Like the wavy hair?  It was overcast and I just let it do its own thing after showering.  Food finished, we hopped a cab to the Met to go see the McQueen exhibit.


The exhibit was absolutely breathtaking.  I was never an avid fashion follower, but his work always stood out to me when I’d see people wearing his designs.  I got to know of his work more in the last year and felt sadness when news of his suicide broke out.  Such a shame because this man had true talent.  They showcased some of his most intricate and innovative designs.  I wish I could’ve taken pictures, but they were strict about no photography.  I picked up a copy of the book about the exhibit for that reason.

Jenn remembered our mutual love for ancient Egypt which meant we had to venture around that section of the museum.  Did you know there is proof of graffiti from the 1800s?


I don’t know who Leonardo is, but what a jerk!


It was neat that they took a large section of this to recreate what a temple looked like.  There was more graffiti and it wasn’t just that Leonardo guy that was an a-hole.  Seriously, who carves up something as amazing as this piece of history?  No appreciation!


Museum visit over, we wandered past the Central Park Zoo over to 5th Ave.  I told Jenn and Joe (her fiance) that I’d never been to Tiffany’s and she insisted we check it out.  I guess I get why people geek out over their stuff, it was really impressive and sparkly there.  We journeyed around a little more then went back to get ready to go out (we did a ton of walking!).  We ordered delivery burgers and I had an amazing turkey burger.  It was so yummy I forgot to take a picture of it.  Oops!  Jenn also made margarita mix which sort of froze too much, but it was still good!


Pregaming over, our destination was a bar with a rooftop section.  It was a little cold, windy, and drizzly out.  The bar had these weird red robes for people to wear on the rooftop.  Jenn and I couldn’t resist trying them on.


Hot right?  I kept the wavy hair for night.  Why fight the inevitable mess?  ;)  The robes (and the outside crowd) got a little old and I wanted to do some dancing.  The downstairs was busy but not overly and we carved out space in a corner area by the bar to cut it up.  I’ve not been dancing in a while, it felt so good to cut loose.


The happy couple!  These two are insanely cute together!  No lie.

Our feet were getting a little tired and they wanted to drop by a friend’s house so we made our exit and caught a cab.  Jenn had more than a good reason to take a break. Check out her awesome heels!


And yes, they’re the real deal. 


Today we went to brunch at Pigalle.  I was craving real breakfast food, so I went with an omelet with peppers (I think I have a red pepper addiction forming) and bacon.  The dish also came with homefries (love!) and toast.


Soooo yummy.  After breakfast, we walked to Times Square and hit up the four level Forever 21 store.  Four levels!  WTF!  The KOP Forever 21 is mostly a disaster and doesn’t carry the Love21 contemporary line, which means I generally go there for just basics.  I found a really cute, simple teal dress and had to get it.  It a soft jersey material and I think it’ll get good use this summer.  I’ll have to post a pic later.

My NYC visit was total fab.  I had the best time reconnecting with Jenn, getting to know Joe, and exploring the city.  I can’t wait to plan future trips and hope to bring Scott up with me the next round of visits!


I took BoltBus, which was a good experience minus the fact the wifi didn’t want to cooperate with my computer.  For a $23 round trip ticket, they were completely worth it.  I recommend them if they are in your area.

I got to the train station at 30th Street a little early and that gave me time to grab a late lunch at Cosi.


I ordered the tuscan pesto chicken sandwich (cold, not the melt) on whole grain Cosi bread.  Freakin’ delish.  I forgot how addicted to their bread I was.  During college, I waited tables at a Cosi so this was a nice little trip down memory lane.

The weekend fun has finally caught up to me.  Time to go prep bedtime stuff and relax for the rest of the evening.  Plans are to get a solid workout tomorrow after work.  ‘Til then!

16 thoughts on “I <3 NY

  1. Ok the robes – kind of cool… I always get cold in the evenings and would love to not have to cart around a sweater ;-) though please say they wash them after ever person….

  2. The Times Square Forever 21 store is CRAZY. I’ve been in there twice and still can’t get over how huge it is – almost TOO huge! Agreed about Tiffany’s being impressive, too. That was one of my stops when I was in NYC for a few days last year, and it was such fun to look around.

    It sounds – and looks – like you had a wonderful weekend!! :)

  3. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the McQueen exhibit! As well as own a pair of Louboutin’s, for that matter. Looks like a fun trip :)

    • It was completely amazing. There were definitely some visitors that did not get it and were being all negative. I guess they didn’t research what it was before going? Weirdos.

      After seeing them up close and personal, I think a pair of Loubs are on my list of things to own at some time (lots of saving to do!). Although, I’d be 6’3″ in them!

  4. Reading about your NY trip is getting me very excited for my visit there this weekend. It looks like you had a great time!

  5. Looks like you had a great time in NYC! I really want to see that Forever 21 store! I’ve heard that it’s amazing. :)

    • It was insane. I really only wanted to go for the Love21 collection because they don’t have it at KOP. The waiting rooms were a huge wait though. They didn’t even open half of them up and the line was like 20 people long!

  6. I would love to go to the McQueen exhibit.. I can’t imagine how incredible it was! Also, your friend’s heels are hot!

    • Ha! I will pass that on to her. :) I looked through the book I got about it last night for the third time. I seriously want to wear some of his dresses (not sure where I would wear them to). They’re just fantastic.

  7. Looks like a great time, especially the foods!

    In other news, those robes… were they necessary, was it truly that cold?! I know they have stuff like that in the bars that are entirely made of ice or kept at freezing (vodka bars, Russian nonsense, stuff like that) but I feel like summertime rooftop hopping doesn’t really call for outfits like that, lol.

    • It was actually pretty chilly, wet, and windy up there. We quickly ditched and went inside. I almost wore a skirt and was really glad I didn’t!

  8. FOUR floors of Forever 21? You didn’t by any jeans? :-) Haha, your food looks amazing by the way! Especially the Kirin–that used to be my favorite brew!

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