Beachy Weekend

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Part of the reason I took a half day on Friday was to beat traffic heading south to home (the DE/MD beaches).  I had plans to meet with a few other girls from my high school graduating class to plan our 10 year reunion in the fall.  I originally planned to venture down after work, but thought it’d make more sense to leisurely make my way down instead of rushing.  There was also a second purpose for the half day.


That wonderful contraption is the steam punk tree house that sits outside the Dogfish Head brewery!  It’s just a slight detour on the way down, and seeing as how our Summer Scene case is almost gone I thought it best to stock up on our next micro.


I picked up the Festina Peche after tasting it.  I’m a fan of summer seasonals, especially for grilling and this beer seemed perfect.


I also picked up a hat.  I would’ve gotten more stuff, but I was already spending way too much.  :)  (Side note:  the hat is too small, but fits me well!  Guess I’ll have to go back for another one)

When I got to my mom’s, she and her boyfriend were firing up the grill for some venison.  It’s been a long time since I had any and I was pretty excited.


Started dinner off with a simple salad courtesy of Momma Dukes.


Cooked to perfection!  The venison was tender and amazing.


Obviously I had to open a bottle of the Peche to have with dinner.  I had my mom try it, but she wasn’t a big fan.  She likes her simple light beers.  It went so well with dinner.  A perfect start to the weekend!

After dinner, I showered and made my way to the house where my former classmates were meeting for our reunion.  Jessica had a lot of delicious fruit from the local market and the most amazing strawberry cupcakes (also from the market).  I was so caught up with reconnecting I forgot to snap pics.  Trust me, it was good.  Jessica & her hubs are both fans of DFH and she offered me a bottle of the Aprihop.  How could I refuse?  We narrowed down the dates we’d like to have the reunion and a location.  Hopefully it all works out!  It was fun to catch up, I hadn’t seen the four other girls there in a long time.


I got up Saturday to an empty house as my mom & sisters (both home from college) had left for work.  Our beagle Maddie kept wagging her tail by the front door and staring at me.


She’s a little plumper, isn’t she?  I thought we both could use a little exercise to start our day off, so I grabbed her leash, sprayed on some SPF50, and we went out.

DSC02704 DSC02705

She did a lot of sniffing around and really seemed to enjoy the outdoors.  She’s an old timer so I didn’t keep her out too long and she promptly went right to sleep after cooling off with some water.  What a life!

After the walk, I loaded up on more SPF and made my way down to Ocean City to meet my friend Adrian for a beach date.  The weather was fantastic.  Hot, no humidity, sunny, and there was a slight breeze.


We stayed out until 3:30pm, catching up on random things going on with each of us.  It was a really good time.

On the way back from the beach, I swung into Giant to get some lunch.  I was craving the salad bar and some sushi.


I love cheap, to go sushi!  Spicy tuna roll, ftw!

I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging with my sister Zoe (hallo if you’re reading!) and napping.


Saturday evening, I made my way over to the beach house of my sister Molly’s husband’s parents.  Still with me?  They came down earlier in the day and planned a grilled dinner with some friends of theirs.  They asked if I wanted to join in and I had to say yes!  Memorial Day weekend Molly & Josh told me about these burgers from Harris Teeter that sounded so good and they were in stock this weekend!

DSC02707 DSC02708 DSC02709

If I recall correctly, the burgers have jalapenos & pepper jack cheese mixed into the meat.  I put a few grilled peppers on top of my burger and that was all I needed.  I provided the berry salad.  The strawbs, bloobs (been waiting to use that term), and raspberries were perfectly ripe (and on sale to boot!) and full of flavor.  The cookies were store-bought and that didn’t stop me from having two of them.  While eating, I enjoyed another Peche.  It was the best grilled dinner I’ve had this year!

After dinner, I visited some friends and then called it a night.  Sunday I made my way back up to PA mid-afternoon as it was raining and there was nothing left to do.  No workouts, but it was such a good and relaxing weekend!

10 thoughts on “Beachy Weekend

  1. Looks like a fun weekend with great food! I love Dogfish Punkin Ale. Have you ever had it? I tried it for the first time last fall and I fell in love. I wanted to buy a case but by the time I got around to it, every store was sold out. This year I am making sure to buy at least 2 cases. Haha! ;)

    • Had it many times. My friend’s wedding they gave us the extra 6-packs leftover and it was the best favor I’ve ever gotten at a wedding! LOL. You can be sure I’ll be getting some cases from the brewery come fall.

  2. I love those cookies … we get them at Giant all the time, and they’re so good!

    So glad you guys are planning the reunion! I remember you mentioning that you might not have one – how cool that you get to be in charge now!

    • Hah well I am not “in charge” as our class pres was at the meeting, but I definitely pushed the DFH Brewpub a lot (and thankfully everyone was excited for the option). Fingers crossed we can actually have it work out!

  3. I just got brand new jalapenos fresh from my friend’s garden AND ZOMG NOW I WANNA MAKE JALAPENO TURKEY CHEESE BURGERS!!

    bloginspiration ftw!

    Also, that peche is I had it the other night at a fancy restaurant for $5 a bottle, and though that’s slightly outta my normal price range, well worth every penny for the taste!

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