Jerky, Stinky Gyms, and Bake Swaps

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Warning!  All over the place post ahead!  ;)

Earlier this month (I can still say that for 3.75 more hours) I participated in a Blogger Bake Swap started by Jess & Amy.  I got paired up with Laura who blogs at Pretty Little Words.  The goodies she made for me arrived yesterday!


These chocolately mini doughnuts are absolutely adorable and delicious!  Thanks, Laura!  I enjoyed way too many.  ;)

I made my way to the gym after work to do a seven mile tempo run.  I hopped on the TM and did the first warm up mile and then ended the run 0.4 miles later.  Yeah.  The run just was not happening.  I felt sticky, hot, icky, and the gym didn’t smell too fantastic.  I found out why after doing some weights, the AC wasn’t working!  Boo.  Here’s what I thought of the experience.

After the gym, I had another surprise waiting on my doorstep today.  A little while ago I won a giveaway from Hank’s blog by writing a haiku about jerky!  The winners would get a free sample and have to review it on their blog.


Lucky indeed!  The package is two servings and each is only 50 calories.  Not too shabby.  The aroma of the turkey Perky Jerky was fantastic.  You could smell the soy and Worcestershire sauce!  The taste did not disappoint at all.  It was so flavorful, a little peppery with a bit of a sweet hint.  I loved it.  It was hard to save the other half of the bag for Scott to try.  I even let the kitties have a taste (they loved it, too).


Consider me a Perky Jerky fanatic now!  It was a good post-lifting snack.  According to the website, the turkey flavor can be found at Target!  As if I needed another excuse to go there.  :)

I made another simple dinner again tonight.  Whole wheat pasta with some BestLife buttery spread & a dash or two of salt.

Can’t forget the vino.  I also had some steamed veggies with 2% cheddar on top.

I’m happy we’re halfway through the work week.

I have no questions.  Comment randomly at your heart’s desire!

16 thoughts on “Jerky, Stinky Gyms, and Bake Swaps

  1. Oh that sucks about the gym’s AC. My gym is on the 29th floor and ALL windows so it gets super hot. There have been times when the AC has gone out and it’s just not bearable. Oh, and they don’t believe in fans. Plus, TM sucks anyway LOL

    • They have huge fans, but there was definitely a funk in the air that isn’t normally detectable. LOL I debated running outside (even though it wouldn’t be a true tempo), now I wish I had!

  2. The AC wasn’t working at the gym? Ugh… that happened a few times to me last year. It was killer!

    SO jealous of the donuts! Everyone’s desserts looked amazing!

  3. I love randomness.

    Turkey Perky Jerky makes me laugh. Every time. It’s like it was invented by Dr. Suess.

    Your dinner looks delish, I love veggies with cheese. Well, okay I think I could eat anything with cheese on it.

    Target is a love of mine too – oh I have to try to stay away!

    You and Scott are ADORABLE. Oh, so cute, that’s such a great picture!

    How’s that for random ;-) Kinda random… HAHAHA… Okay, tired now. Goodnight.

  4. I love that it is called Perky Jerky. I will have to get some of that for the bf to try. He luuuurves jerky.
    I really want to participate in blogger bake swap. I haven’t been baking much lately and I think that would inspire me. Not to mention, the yummy treats I would get to sample!

  5. After being in transit for so long, I’m shocked they weren’t in an even bigger mess when they arrived. I hope some of the sprinkles survived, haha — but it looks like that crumbly guy on the left certainly didn’t ;)

    I’ll post the recipe soon, but you don’t have to feel too bad about eating lots of em! Cut the sugar drastically and used oat flour :)

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