Rise and Run

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Yesterday, I killed some time in the evening doing a little leisure reading.

Reading + lap kitty = relaxation.  Aki didn’t seem too interested in learning how to be a better runner, but she’s just lazy.  I came across the article titled Rise & Run in the current issue of Runners’ World.  It offered tips on how to adjust to becoming an early morning runner which I so am not.  Most days, I zombie around my morning with the help of Scott dragging me out of bed.  I felt intrigued and decided to try it.

I have one last long run, nine miles, scheduled for this weekend.  I have a lot going on, so I set out what I felt I needed to be ready as soon as I woke up instead.

I set the alarm for 5:00 AM and crawled into bed.  To help me fall asleep, I counted backwards from 300.  I do not remember where I picked up this trick, but every time I have tried it I’ve never made it below 100.  It seriously works.  I actually woke up a few seconds before the alarm and was surprisingly alert.  I dressed, put in my contacts, strapped on the Garmin & HRM, decided to nix the headphones (it was dark), queued up the GPS satellites, and off I went.

I passed at least eight other runners/walkers throughout the morning, only two of which were male.  This made me feel much better about it being that dark.  If there were that many other ladies out early there was no need to feel so uneasy about it being dark.  I stuck to well-lit sidewalks on the main roads, and kept myself alert (you just never can assume).  The goal of this run wasn’t to be fast, and I kept myself around my target time.

Wooo!  I am loving the Garmin 305 and really don’t miss the Nike+ at all.  I have to install the software that came with it, but that’s going to have to wait until Scott-o is back home because I don’t know where the external CD-ROM is located (I have a netbook).  I also need to figure out how to set up splits.  Baby steps.  :)  The HRM strap doesn’t bother me at all.  It just feels like it’s part of my sports bra.  I also wore my SPIbelt which is just genius.  It does not move at all and had enough room for my cell phone and front door key.

I made it to work a little later than usual, but luckily we have flexible morning hours.  As long as I clock in my seven (hooray 35 hour work weeks) and am here during the 9 AM-3 PM core hours, it doesn’t matter if I come in at 7 AM or 9 AM.  Word.  I feel pretty fantastic right now having gotten those miles out of the way.  Anything else I do this weekend is just bonus.  My left hamstring is sore, even after foam rolling this morning.  I have just two weeks of races (ING Rock’n’Roll 18Sep11 & Dogfish Dash 25Sep11) and then I’m done for a while.  I’m debating taking off the month of October from running and just working on other cardio and strengthening my hams.  For now, I’ll just have to look to Mr. Hogan for continued inspiration.

We have no idea who put this up in my cube area, btw.

Indeed, Hulk, indeed.  ;)  Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead!

What makes you awesome?  Awesome plans this weekend?

27 thoughts on “Rise and Run

  1. Hahahaha, Ryan would LOVE that Hulk Hogan Poster!!

    Great job, early bird! I got my workout done this morning before work, great feeling for the rest of the day!!

  2. Good job getting in 9 before work! I am not a morning person at all, but did have to run in the mornings this summer to beat the heat. There’s really something calming about it – sort of watching the world wake up.

    • I made sure not to wear my headphones for that reason. I wanted to hear the world around stir. It was quite relaxing. :)

  3. I never thought I’d be a morning runner, but now I actually get pissed that its dark so late and I can’t go as early as I want. Once you give it a few weeks, you’ll embrace it!

    The garmin, I want to get one but I don’t know if I can do intervals with it. I know it beeps, but with my headphones will I be able to hear those? or can I set it to vibrate or something?

    • I honestly haven’t read the entire manual to set it up, but I have a feeling it might have a vibrate function. I’ve actually been running more without headphones when outside than with. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and when I am out that early, I like to be able to hear everything going on. :) I’ll try to figure out all the functions over the weekend so I can give a full review for you.

  4. Nice. Weekday long runs, when you can squeeze them in, are so nice for freeing up your weekend. Plus, who doesn’t feel hardcore running before 6 am?

    • I know! I wanted to shout in the office “I ran nine miles before coming in!” I don’t think anyone would have appreciated it though.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about Scott’s cousin. My prayers are with you and him and his family. Great job on your training though! xoxo

    • Thanks, lovely! I’m just glad he’s able to come home to go to the viewing. It would’ve really upset him to not be able to make it.

  6. Way to go! Don’t you feel great? I love morning runs – and then, I can get so much more accomplished after work!

  7. I love morning runs. It’s so nice right as you finish and you still have the entire day ahead of you!

    • I feel like I can take on anything now! Or, that I won’t feel guilty I would’ve missed my run since it looks like I’m not leaving work for a bit longer. Boo! ;)

  8. bravo! i got up and ‘ran’ with you today but i only did 2 schweaty miles. hellooooo humidity! i’m awesome for not giving up and trying not to feel overwhelmed with neuroscience at my new job! have a great weekend!

  9. I heart that Hulk poster. You are awesome! And thanks for the 300 countdown trick–I have trouble sleeping at times and I will be testing this out! Great job on the run!

  10. Good job on the run! I used to love running in the morning back in the day when I actually ran, haha. I’m planning to try to get back into it soon!
    Cutest kitty pic ever!

  11. Dang girl! You are awesome! I ran this weekend, but it wasn’t nearly that far. I also have to agree that kitties and reading make a very relaxing combo.

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