In A Funk

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I don’t have any pretty food pictures or recipes to post up today.  The truth is, I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a while now and just haven’t felt inspired and/or in the cooking/baking mood.  That’s not to say I don’t have some ideas for posts – I have some things to review, articles of clothing to gush over, shoes to wear with glee.  But, this week?  Bleh.

I’ve made it to the gym twice.

So far this week I did a 30 min elliptical run, 20 min on the bike which aggravated my problematic ham, a lower body weight machine round, some abs, and yesterday we did chest exercises.  I need to step up my push-ups, because I could barely eke out three normal ones.  Way back in the day (when I was 12) I could do hundreds (this was during my tae kwon do phase), fingertip, knuckle, diamond, etc.  Never could do a pull-up though.  All this must change!

Oh, and there’s the half marathon Sunday, which I am uncharacteristically unenthusiastic about.  I’m not sure if it’s because I shirked my training a lot, or because this isn’t the first time, or what, but I’m just not getting giddy.  I am happy the weather will be nice, I know a lot of blogger friends will be there and hope to see them, and I’m looking forward to a big meal Saturday night, but otherwise, just kind of meh.

I’m hoping it’s just this week and that maybe by Friday I’ll snap out of it and be more motivated in all the aspects of my life, because I can’t name a single one where I am.  I have been reading blogs, just haven’t been commenting (so don’t think I don’t still love you all!).  The good thing about most funks is they find a way of passing and you’re back to your old self again.

Tell me:  how do you get out of a funk?

9 thoughts on “In A Funk

  1. Ride it out. Distract yourself with tv or books that make you happy (note I didn’t say people…I tend to let myself just be anti social so as to not bring everyone else down). Don’t force yourself to blog. Take a break, step back, recharge the batteries. That’s what I do

    • I clearly didn’t listen to the break part, lol. But I do like your TV/book idea. I have some DVRed What Not to Wear to catch up on!

  2. Girl I hear you – in a funk this week too – just flat out crabby actually. I hope things look up for you though. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day (it is Friday after all right??).

  3. I’m sorry you are in a funk! I’ve been feeling a little like that lately. Do things that make you happy and will distract you. I hope things change for you :)

  4. I was the mayor of funktown awhile back and just did a lot of walking/running, cleaning/organizing (makes me feel better) and really just did things that made me happy which included moping around a bit. I didn’t feel guilty and I took the time I needed to feel better. It will pass soon and you’ll be good as new.

    • I am planning a closet overhaul since I have some new stuff coming in and I need to edit out a lot of stuff that just sits and sits and sits.

  5. I felt the same way about my second half, but the rush at the end was just as good :)
    Sorry about your funk! I hope it lifts soon!

  6. When I’m in a funk I like to just be alone, wallow for a day or two and then refocus and snap myself out of it. It’s easy to get sucked in, so let yourself be mopey for a little then remember all great things you have going on :) Oh and wine. Lots of wine.

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