Shades of Gray

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No, I am not talking about my funk still.  Just posting about it sort of improved things.  How cliche.  ;)  And I am not talking about part (add the number 14 in front) of the title of a Staind album, although I do like a few songs from it.  I made three interweb purchases this week that I am pretty stoked about, and all three involve the color gray (or grey).

First up, these beauties.

Image courtesy of Chinese Laundry.  I got a Groupon for their online store and these jumped right out at me.  I love motorcycle style boots and these will be wonderful to romp around in the lab with.  Right?  Right.

Then, Courtney mentioned RueLaLa (probably my favorite flash sale site ever) was having a sale on Seven for All Mankind jeans and of course being late to the party, most of my size was gone.  But, there was a glimmer.  I live in flare jeans.  I have tons.  My favorite being the A-pocket of theirs which I have two of in white (one sits in plastic ready for when the first pair dies, which hasn’t happened yet).

Images from RueLaLa.  I’m in love.

And finally, a top.  I came across Carve Designs while shopping another flash site called The Clymb.  This site features clothing/gear from fitness, sportsy, outdoorsy, surf/snowy brands.  I picked up two cute dresses from their Carve sale, and have been hooked ever since (on Carve and the Clymb, I have fitness capris on order).  Carve is a little pricey, but no moreso than RVCA or Quiksilver typically are.  I browsed their sale section and picked up this top (image from the website).

I kind of want to pair it with red denim skinnies, but not sure I’d wear red denim often enough?  Either way, I love the look of this shirt and think it will be nice and casual for work (and a step up from the normal plain tee).

Clearly, I can’t wear these all together, unless I REALLY want to broadcast my funk to the world, haha!  How emo would that be?

9 thoughts on “Shades of Gray

  1. I bought some grayish/blackish jeans a couple of years ago and have yet to wear them. Just not sure what to pair with – but red is perfect and the first thing I thought when I saw that shirt was a big, chunky red necklace.

  2. Gray is considered a neutral so I think you can pair it with anything. One googling effort yielded the tip to pair gray jeans with a patterned top. Perhaps I can experiment when they arrive. ;) I need a red chunky necklace! I definitely don’t own one.

  3. Love that you referenced Staind! I’m a big Aaron Lewis fan! :) Love the boots, jeans and the top! They are all so cute :)

    • I love it, too! LOL. I would have bought it in every color if the other two weren’t sold out (they had light blue and coral) in my size.

  4. What are these flash sale sites you speak of? Post about them, please!!!

    And I just bought 4 pairs of boots for $100. Total. Two from target, two from old navy. It’s only two pair, but I got brown and black in each.

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