Breakfast of Quasi-Champions

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Today is the day before the ING Rock’n’Roll half marathon in Philadelphia and I’m still “waiting” to get excited.  This is such a weird feeling for me.  I know I’ll finish and it will be a bonus if I PR, but I’m not pressuring myself in any way.  I think when we check into the hotel (we figured it would make getting to the start easier) and head to the expo to get my packet I’ll start getting more excited.

To prep for the race ahead, I decided to make a nice, meaty, savory omelet for breakfast today.  Into the omelet went a choppped half of red bell pepper, three crumbled pieces of turkey bacon, three eggs, a few dashes of pepper, and a few pinches of reduced fat shredded colby jack cheese.

Even though the turkey bacon was already cooked, I put it in the pan with the peppers to heat it all up a bit before adding the eggs.

I cooked the eggs on medium heat so it didn’t overcook the bottom.

Cheese please!


I paired it with fresh strawberries and some Trop50 OJ.  I’m still feeling full and it’s been a few hours since I ate.  So delish.  I enjoy sweet omelets, but the savory ones are still the kings of breakfast.  ;)

I’ve got a bit of laundry left to do then we’re off to downtown Philly to get settled in for the race.  I’ve got a list of some awesome Italian places for dinner from my friend Jess and I’ll be sure to review which one we pick!  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend so far!

What are you up to this weekend?

10 thoughts on “Breakfast of Quasi-Champions

  1. I hope your race went amazing!! that omelette looks great. Love how filling eggs are! And turkey bacon is a great addition!

  2. I was actually in your neck of the woods for a bit on Sunday, saw a few post-marathon folks putzing around philly as I drove into Manayunk to visit RyGuy!

    Way to rock it with that PR, ma’am!

    • You’ll have to let me know the next time you come up and can hang out for a little, even if we do a couples’ dinner (or beers). ;)

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