Girls Just Wanna Have Suds Sept 2011

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I know a few of my beer-loving friends will be excited to see this post.  A few weeks (or a month) ago, I found out Victory Brewing was hosting a ladies only beer pairing called “Girls Just Wanna Have Suds.”  The event features local foods matched with the brewery’s beer and is meant to encourage women to embrace the craft beer world.  The event was held in a private room at the brew pub and there was a full house!  The event coordinator said initially they had maybe 20 women at the first event and I believe this one had well over 50!  Walking in, they handed us a pint of the Prima Pils and I made my way to the table where my friend Bridget and her friend Kristin were sitting.


The pilsner was a nice, refreshing start to the night.  We were sat at long tables and ended up befriending some of the other ladies sitting with us.  It was cool to share beer stories, favorite styles, and just be in a room full of other fans of beer and good food!  Pilsner polished, it was time for the first pairing.

The Sunrise Weissbier was delicious and light.  The claim that it’s perfect for summer nights is definitely true.  It’s not heavy yet had a lot of flavor.

I took a brief taste first, then waited for the hand roll.

The roll was absolutely delicious.  Full of veggies and the dipping sauce was just the right amount of tanginess.  The only downside was the roll didn’t stay together after the first bite.  Regardless, it was fantastic and I couldn’t wait for the next item!

Seafood?  Who knew I was coming?  ;)  I’m pretty sure you all know how much I love the Summer Love.  I’d never had mustard greens so this entree was definitely new territory in that regard.


The scallops were absolutely amazing.  Perfectly seared, full of so much flavor, and it just made the beer all the more delicious.  I could’ve eaten this the rest of the night and been happy as a clam (scallop?).  I would pee my pants if I got this recipe.  For reals.  It was that good.

After such a high note with the Summer Love pairing, I was excited to keep going.  I’d never had cold soup before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but I do enjoy cucumbers.


Tasting the Kolsch initially it didn’t seem to have much flavor at all and was actually a bit bland.  I think the ninja kick of awesome taste from the previous pairing made this one a little less dramatic.  The soup also was… interesting.  It didn’t taste bad, but it was weird.  It was also a little complicated to drink it out of the glass.  I only finished half as the sipping was happening very slowly.  I will say it worked as a great palate cleanser.  After a few sips of the soup, the Kolsch had a lot more to it and I could detect the bread-y hints it had.  Not as much wow factor as the first two items, but I think the unexpected threw me off.  I’d love to revisit the pairing sometime to see if my reaction is the same.

For dessert, I was a little nervous.  I’m not too big on bleu cheese, but I was very curious to see how it went with the peach.  As you can see, the dessert was paired with the Helios Ale.


Sadly, I wasn’t in love the with dessert either.  The bleu cheese was just a little much for me, but I tried!  The tartlet might’ve been better if made with brie or ricotta.  I still enjoyed eating it, just not as much as I hoped.  It was a creative attempt, and some of the ladies around me loved it, I just wasn’t a big fan.  The Helios was quite good and a fitting end-beer to the menu.  In conclusion, the first two items were a HUGE hit.  So delish and perfect.  The last two weren’t as great, but it still was interesting to explore new foods.  :)

After the pairing was over, we chatted with our new friends and decided we needed a little more food before heading home.  The five of us decided to share the nachos appetizer and the sweet potato & shoestring fries app.


You really cannot go wrong with nachos.  Confession time:  these were my first sweet potato fries.  Holy smokes!  They were awesome!  I have no idea why I didn’t try these sooner.  I’ve only been to Victory twice now, but I have yet to had a horrible beer or food from them (like I said, the cucumber soup wasn’t bad, just different).

Our server was super nice and took a picture of us before we left for home.

I am so glad I decided to attend this event.  We were informed the pairings would be held quarterly and the next one will feature beer & chocolate!  It’s non-negotiable, I’m going!  Local ladies, let me know if you are interested in attending and I’ll be sure to pass on the details when they post them up.  For my first beer pairing, this was amazing and thanks so much to Victory and the local farms for putting on such a great evening!

17 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Suds Sept 2011

  1. Sounds like my kind of event! :-) Too bad the food wasn’t better…but at least you got to try sweet potato fries. they are amazing!!!

    • If we had ended at the first two pairings I would’ve been hungrier but insanely pleased. Some people raved about the last two so it was hit or miss. I can’t wait for the next one!

  2. This looks like such a fun event! I’ve never tried Victory beers before but I’ve always wanted to. The Sunrise and Summer Love beers look like two that I would really like. Sorry the food wasn’t good. Sweet potato fries are amazing! :) I’d love to go to an event like this! So fun!

    • The food WAS good! It was just those two things that were a little bit of a miss. The scallops and handrolls were AMAZING!

  3. We are thrilled that you joined us. Thanks for the great re-cap of the night. We will see you for our next “Suds” event.

    If you like us on Facebook, you’ll hear about the next Girls Just Wanna event as soon as it is planned.

    Victory Brewing Company

  4. I can’t drink beer and I will NEVER drink wine again, so I feel like I’m missing out on like, a whole culture with these tastings and pairings events. All vodka tastes the same, haha.

    Although I did sample some whiskeys in Ireland..but my 18 year old self did NOT appreciate it.

  5. That’s such an awesome event! Very cool. I agree that the first two pairings look best and the kolsch is generally pretty bland. I bet it was fun.

  6. That looks like so much fun! The nori rolls look great and lemongrass dipping sauce sounds interesting. I can’t believe you’d never had sweet potato fries before – aren’t they incredible?!

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