A Brief Running Hiatus

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This past weekend marked the last race I had officially scheduled in 2011 as of right now.  Since I don’t have anything else planned (yet), I’ve decided to take a break from running for the next few weeks to try to let my left hamstring heal a little better.  It’s still bothersome from time to time and since I had two races in September I never really gave it a full rest.  My plan is to do a mix of alternative cardio like the elliptical trainer and arc ramp, some yoga, a lot of stretching and foam rolling, and some strength training to improve my hams and glutes.  I’m really quad-heavy when it comes to leg strength and this just gives me an even bigger reason to balance out.

With that plan in mind, I forced myself to the gym today after work.  I really was going to miss it, but I didn’t make it Monday, and yesterday I made plans to do happy hour with the lovely and charming Hope.  We went to one of my favorite spots that I hadn’t been to in a while and chatted for a couple hours over beer.  She is just as sweet as she seems on her blog!  I was relieved to find out we have a lot in common and she was so easy to talk (too much) to.  I can’t wait til the next time we hang out!


Back to the gym.  I made it there and zoned out for most of the cardio.  I broke from my zoning slightly when some dude decided to take the elliptical right next to me even though there were 10 open all down the row.  Luckily, he didn’t go into creeper mode and I resumed my zoning.  I tracked my workout on Sparkpeople and took a screen cap to save on typing.


I could’ve gone a little harder, but I don’t want to be an idiot and do too much right off the bat.  I’ll be heading back again tomorrow mostly likely to do more cardio and some upper body work.

That’s really all I have to post about today.  Everything else was sort of boring and I’m kind of funking right now so I will spare you all the mope fest.  ;)  Feel free to leave links to cute cats or something to perk me up.  Good night!

Update:  Almost forgot to mention this!  Since Heather from Then Heather Said has a new kitty, I did a guest post on her blog about “adjustments” we had to make in our apartment to keep the shitheads kitters out of too much trouble.  Check it out here!

15 thoughts on “A Brief Running Hiatus

  1. I heard somewhere that for a distance race you should take off from running the same amount of days as miles – so for 13, I’m taking off 13 days. My legs really do feel better so I appreciated it. I could have jogged…but I didnt : )

    • That’s a good tip! Just taking off the last two days helped already. My left leg is the source of all my issues: bum knee, plantar fasciitis, and this. No fun.

  2. Aw, thanks for the sweet words! :) I definitely had fun meeting you. We need to plan our next hang out session soon!

  3. Taking a break is probably a good idea – it’s always nice to mix it up and focus on other things. I think part of why I got injured was because I focused WAY too much on running and let everything else fall by the wayside. NOT a good idea just FYI ;) haha

    • Yeah I definitely cannot ignore the other muscles in my legs anymore. They’re weak and I think that’s a big factor in how they got injured (my first half had some big inclines). Hoping to not repeat history next year! :)

  4. seriously let your injury heal! i walked like a granny after i ran a PR half marathon and didnt cut back mileage. big mistake and it caught up to me causing me to be out of commission for like 2 mos! yoga will help you so much! dont worry about the cardio seriously. gradually get it back, winter gym cardio is a snore anyway! :)

    • Thanks for the input! I’m definitely not going as all out as I usually do and my ham is already feeling less finicky. Nice and easy. ;)

  5. Good luck taking time off the hammie. You’re doing the right thing. And are much more patient than I… lol :)

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