Feels Like Fall Weekend

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The weekend has been quite relaxing so far and the weather is finally reflecting the fall season.  And, it’s officially Red October which every Phillies fan celebrated yesterday with their win over the Cardinals (sorry, Ames!).  The bats came alive starting off with a three run blast by Ryan Howard.  I cannot wait to watch Game 2 tonight!

Before heading to a friends’ new place for their housewarming/Phillies party, we went to look at a couple properties.  The first was a bust as the agent never called me to share the news that the owners accepted an offer after I set up a viewing.  How nice.  The second place was way too small, but the agent we met was really helpful and is going to start collecting places to look at soon.  She also hooked us up with someone to do our pre-approval.

After the viewing, I ran to the store to get food for the week ahead and some baking supplies.  I said I would bring treats to the party and decided to make these pumpkin spice cupcakes from I Can Cook That (love her blog!).  I made a few tweaks to the recipe she posted.  I used 2 cups of unbleached flour and 2/3 cup whole wheat flour and subbed unsweetened applesauce for the oil.  I also could not find pumpkin spice coffee at my grocer and didn’t want to unpack the already full cart to run to another store.  Instead, I bought the Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice coffee hoping the flavor would be close enough.

There are a lot of ingredients needed for this recipe, but it was still relatively easy to make.  I was not in love with the final product, but everyone at the party assured me they tasted great.  I think I was hoping for a slightly sweeter, pumpkin-filled kick of flavor and without the correct coffee I didn’t get it.  I’ll definitely have to look out for the brand she used and try these again.  The cream cheese frosting tasted fantastic, though.  I definitely recommend baking these!

Today started with a nice and hearty breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with shredded colby-jack cheese and Old Bay, reduced fat corned beef hash, and toasted pumpkin spice swirl bread from Pepperidge Farm.


We’re watching the Eagles game right now and it wasn’t a pretty start but they seem to be getting their shit together (sort of).  I need the Vick-Jackson combo to be ON FIRE as I’m not going to be happy going 1-3 in my fantasy football league.  To help deal with any mishaps, I’ve got some anti-stress supplies.

Just because I’m not head over heels in love with my cupcakes does not mean I’ll skip out on enjoying them (with some Punkin Ale).  ;)

26 thoughts on “Feels Like Fall Weekend

  1. The real question is where are you ladies all getting these pumpkin spiced bread goods? Bagels, cinnamon toast, what the FORK?!

    • The bread I got at Superfresh wherever you can find the swirl bread products from Pepperidge Farm. I remember last year Kraft made a pumpkin flavor cream cheese but I couldn’t find it. I haven’t seen the bagels anywhere yet, though.

  2. mmm punkin. im watching the steelers loseeeeeee but i did have a pretty swank brunch with my friends today at meat & potatoes. love the old timey feel of this gastropub!

  3. If you go to canyoustayfordinner.com and look at andreas’s pumpkin spice cake recipe, I adapted that for cupcakes and they were great. Although honestly making the cake was 10x better. Everyone raved about it!

  4. Well drats on the properties. Jason was just talking about that brewery. I wonder if that fall flavor makes it’s way here….Must check on that.

  5. AGGGHHH! I hope you guys find the perfect property soon! Fingers crossed!

    Lover those pumpkin cupcakes are gorgeous! :)

    Relax tonight! Happy Sunday!

  6. I’m sorry that the houses didn’t work out. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. I know you will find something soon! :)

    Those cupcakes look delicious! I love pumpkin anything :)

  7. I almost bought a 4-pack of the Punkin Ale last week, but decided I wanted to wait and have it on tap first.
    That breakfast looks fantastic!

  8. I looooove corned beef hash and I seriously thought I was the only one on the planet! I’m so glad to see I have a buddy! :-D

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