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Right now I’m playing two fantasy football leagues.  One is awesome and I’ve enjoyed (when not losing terribly) coming back every year to join.  I will not speak much of my other league because it is a joke with blatant cheating and I’m having a fun time rejecting the idiotic trade offers I am getting for Calvin Johnson.

Anyways, here is my serious league lineup, in case anyone is curious what I am rolling with at the moment.

Yes, I realized I have THREE QBs which is totally not necessary.  I thought Vick was going to be out for a week or so and wasn’t totally confident in Freeman.  I’m hoping maybe I can do a trade with one of the backups, but trades happen very rarely in this league (only downside).

Currently I am 2-2 and ranked 4th for now.  I’m hoping to keep steam rolling through this next week as many have byes and I do not.  *cue maniacal laughter*

I recommend any ladies who want to get to know more about football to join a fantasy league.  The first season I had zero idea what was going on, and I still don’t know everything about all the players, but I know a hell of a lot more than I used to and it makes the football marathons on Sunday much more enjoyable (or not if your player isn’t getting any passes/runs).

This afternoon is game 3 of the Phils/Cards series and if it wasn’t evident this is a big game then the fact that one of our supervisors who normally rolls in at 9am got here almost 2 hours early so he could be home before the game should definitely say something.  Let’s go, Phillies!

Are you into sports?  Do you play fantasy football?

10 thoughts on “Football Talk

  1. I’m not in a fantasy football league, but I LOVE football! My entire family does and we wouldn’t think of doing anything else on a Sunday…or a Monday night! :-D

  2. I don’t play fantasty but I am in a ton of betting pools…it is so fun. Although never in my life did I think my team would ever start a season 0-4. I can’t talk about it.

  3. I moved up from last place in my league, haha. Now I’m second to last. I actually know a lot about football, I’ve just had bad luck. Oy.

  4. I’m not into sports at all but I will support the Phillies. I do enjoy going to Phillies games and gazing at Chase Utley! ;)

  5. I did a season of Fantasy Basketball actually and did fairly well considering I really wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing. My boyfriend is SO into it though! He has multiple teams for every season!

  6. Love it! I’m not a big NFL/Fantasy Football person, but I love college. I could sit my booty on the couch from 10 a.m. (College Game Day coverage) until 11:30 p.m. (or whenever the last game ends). I have to admit though, it’s usually gotta’ be SEC or ACC.

  7. I love football but I don’t play fantasy. I feel like it would take over my life and make me sick with stress, haha. I am WAYYYYY too competitive for it!

  8. I love playing fantasy! I won my league a couple years ago, and now I just pick my husband’s team every week. I love having a reason to watch the NFL :)

  9. i love sports but i leave the fantasy to my husband. probably because i know I would beat him and that could cause problems :-)

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