Drop Sets and Gym Creepers

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I did another drop set workout (thanks Janetha for the term!) tonight at the gym.  This time I focused on legs.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Cardio – elliptical trainer, 20 min reverse mode, level 14

Lower Body Drop Set

  • Leg Press Machine – 15 @ 40lbs, 12 @ 45lbs, 10 @ 50lbs, 8 @ 55lbs, & 6 @ 60lbs
  • Barbell Squats – 15 @ 20lbs, 12 @ 20lbs, 10 @ 30lbs, 8 @ 30lbs
  • Good Morning Exercise – 15, 12, 10, & 8 reps @ 30lbs
  • Dumbbell Lunges (same # reps for each leg) – 15 @ 5lbs, 12 @ 7.5lbs, 10 @ 10lbs, 8 @ 12.5lbs

I used to absolutely abhor squats, but the more I make them a part of the routine the less I despise them.  I look forward to the good morning exercise the most, though.  Before incorporating this move, I practiced a little in the mirror (at home) with no weight just to get an idea on what it should look like.  It’s definitely not a move to take lightly, but you feel it working when you do it right.  The downside of these exercises?  Doing them in the weight area when it’s full of dudes.  I try to pick a spot by the mirror where I can turn sideways and have my back to the wall.  This prevents me from sticking my ass out to the rest of the gym people.  I highly recommend this, unless you like gym creepers.  Then, by all means, bend away.

Speaking of creepers, the last two times I’ve been there I’ve encountered some of the weight area variety.  It’s particularly annoying when they strut past any chick getting a paper towel ready to wipe down the equipment, moving slower than necessary so you notice them.  Guess what I notice, dude?  The fact you ONLY work your arms and look like the Wrestling Buddies my brothers used to beat each other with.

wrestlingbuddyhulk Source

Anyway.  It was a good workout regardless.  I’m sure I will be feeling it in the morning!  ;)

17 thoughts on “Drop Sets and Gym Creepers

  1. I actually like squats b/c they make me feel strong. But I’ve not been working legs consistently so now they make me just feel like a wimp b/c they hurt LOL. There is no goo place to bend over and stick your butt out at my gym – I mean, hide your butt ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh…wrestling buddies! My brother and I both had those growing up! We had Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior!! haha!

  3. I love squats because I see such a difference so quickly if I do them often. What I don’t like is doing them in the weight room at the gym for the very reason you addressed.

    I totally remember wrestling buddies! haha I love seeing old toys you’ve forgotten about. Memories :]

    • Even if I stay out of the weight area, there are still gym creepers. Scott’s been going to his work gym so they seem more noticeable now than they were before. Lame!

  4. I take this one class every Monday where we literally do like 100 squats in the first 15 minutes. It is the WORST. That class was yesterday. As you can imagine, I’m walking a little slow today…

  5. Ha – gym guys can be such creeps! I feel fairly comfortable with my fellow regulars, but every once in a while a newbie shows up who hasn’t learned to keep his eyes to himself. Gives me the heebie-geebies

    • But you shouldn’t! It’s annoying, but most of the time if you have headphones and look angry they leave you alone. ;)

  6. Creepers are part of the reason I stay away from the weights section of the gym. I really need to start going at down times when they aren’t there by the masses…

  7. You mean you’re supposed to work out your legs too?! Just kidding. I find guys who are huge on top with chicken legs to be so unattractive. I love squats. I may be weird, but I love the soreness in my legs and booty after a good squat/lunge workout.

  8. I love love love the guys who “warm up” on the treadmill for, like, 8 seconds and then go “list weights” for an hour and a half…mostly chatting it up with whomever is around. I feel pretty awesome when I’m still running on the treadmill the whole time! Hehe!

  9. I dated a guy from the gym once. He was a total creeper. I dont recommend it.

    Also, I love you for throwint in that wrestler picture. My brother had a couple of those things, they were hilarious. Kids these days just dont know what theyre missing.

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