Pillsbury Orange Candy Corn Bars

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Yesterday I met up with a realtor to go look at some properties.  In all we looked at four, and none of them were a hit.  It was a good experience because the more houses I see the more I am figuring out what I do and do not want.  When we got back I set to work on preparing a treat to bring to our friends’ housewarming party.

I’m a regular subscriber to Pillsbury’s Cooking for Two newsletter and when I was sent this recipe a long time ago I knew I had to make it.

The benefits of this recipe is that it’s fairly simple and does not need the use of a mixer to make.  The first time I attempted it was well before I had my Kitchen Aid mixer, but now that I have one I can’t resist using it.


Definitely make sure you have the right size pan for the recipe and line it properly.  The great part of using foil to line is that it reduces pan cleanup later on.  ;)


A medium size navel orange was sufficient for providing the full tablespoon of the grated peel.  Mixing it into the butter and sugar releases a delicious, citrusy scent into the kitchen.



Since I had gel food coloring and not the liquid variety, I simply added enough until the batter turned a color I preferred.  I placed the pan in the freezer for 20 min to make sure it was nice and firm.  The purpose of this is to allow the colored layers to stay separated during baking.


While the yellow batter was freezing, I mixed the orange food coloring in and played a little fetch with Aki.


She loves her mousies.  :)


The recipe calls these bars, but it’s really more like a slightly denser cake.


I also only ended up using 1.5 tablespoons of the skim milk to make the frosting which gave it very spreadable but not runny consistency.


I cut the bars with a large knife into small squares instead of the triangles the recipe recommends.  This creates more treats for sharing and also allows enjoyment without going overboard.  I can’t promise you’ll stop at one though!


Top each treat with a piece of candy corn and arrange on your favorite, holiday-themed platter (which I don’t own, sorry!).  These bites have a light orange flavor and for as much sugar as the recipe calls for they are not overly sweet.  A perfect dessert to bring to any fall housewarming or Halloween party!


I am happy to say I came home with no leftovers after the party.  ;)  Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Pillsbury Orange Candy Corn Bars

  1. I actually really enjoyed looking at houses. I loved seeing the good and the bad and even trying to look past the bad to think about how we could remodel and such. But man you can see some really really bad remodel add ons and such. It’s like “what the heck were they thinking???”

    • I’m having fun with it as well. One house was just sooooo awkward. The main floor smelled horrible (likely cat pee) and the lady had posted handwritten signs all over trying to sell the points of each room and included pages of remodeling magazines. It was overwhelming!

  2. I’m sorry that you haven’t found a house yet. The most important thing is that you are finding out things that you don’t want. So when you find that dream house, it will be everything that you have wished for and more. :)

    These bars look amazing!!! I am totally going to try them. They are just so cute and festive.

  3. you know i don’t even like candy corn but those look really good, refreshing almost with the citrus rind!

  4. I love looking at homes! I definitely do know some things I do/don’t want in a home, but I’m sure I find even more things to add to those lists once I actually seriously start pursing it.

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