Not Quite Fixed

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Thanks for the well wishes on my eye-weirdness.  I went to the doc yesterday and it’s likely I’m getting visual migraines.  Since this is relatively new, I’m supposed to keep a little journal of any headaches/auras and include quality of sleep the night before, what I ate that day, if I had any caffeine, if the weather changed, how long the headache/aura lasts, etc.  Once we establish a pattern it’ll be easier to figure out how to avoid them.  I’m also to get full blood work done and go see a neurologist.  When I got home from the doc instead of hitting the gym I crashed on the couch for nearly two hours.  I needed the sleep and felt so much better when I got up.

Today I worked later than planned and it was a disgusting, rainy mess when I left.  I figured I had some coupons and a Sephora gift card so why not hit up the KOP mall for a little retail pick-me-up.  I dropped into American Eagle and snagged a pair of their Hipster Flare jeans.  I already had two in the long size and wanted a regular to wear with flats.  These are by far the comfiest jeans I’ve ever bought.


Sorry, this is going to be a cell phone pic post.  The jeans came out to $20 after the sale discount and coooopin I had.  At Sephora I went with the Raspberry Sorbet body wash from Philosophy since I was all out ($6.96 after the gift card!) and then popped into Aerie and got a tee, five tanks (four have cute lacey details and will be great for layering), and a free pair of undies.  In total I spent $103, and I’d say that’s not too shabby!  ;)  As I was trying things on at home (and tweeting that pic above) I happened to glance up to the ceiling of my closet and notice this.

IMAG0905 IMAG0901

Uh oh…  Earlier this year, the gutter froze over when we had a gnarly ice storm and I came downstairs to find it raining in our kitchen.  The water had seeped through the walls of the room above it, my closet, as well.  I had to move all my stuff into the spare room and our bedroom which made getting ready for anything annoying.


Moving the clothing racks was the least fun part of that.  Our landlord brought a guy in and had the roof fixed and the plaster redone in there.  I thought that would be the end of it as we have a heating wire wrapped around the gutter pipe we can plug in to keep it from freezing.  And here is where renting sucks.  Now, with renting, you don’t have to pay for these repairs.  Which is okay, but there is a major downside.  When you pay for something significant to get fixed, you make sure the job is done right immediately.  When the person paying for it is a landlord, chances are they will do just enough that it doesn’t cost a whole lot.  Often that results in the problem not fully being fixed, just temporarily covered.  It’s really lame.  What worries me most is that it’s happening without snow or ice, just rain.

I also discovered the “new” washer is not working properly.


Hard to see but there is about a 1/4 inch of water in the bottom.  Lovely.  At least I got the ugly bathroom clean today.

IMAG0907 Barf.

Cannot WAIT for the weekend.  Ugh.

Tell me some “fun” repair stories.  Go!

19 thoughts on “Not Quite Fixed

  1. I’m glad that you went to the doctor. I hate migraines. I get them usually when I’m really stressed. Great job at the mall! You got some really good deals. I love those jeans and flats! :)

    I’m sorry about the leaking! I sure hope it gets repaired soon. We had a massive flood in our condo right after new years. It was awful. Luckily, I got home in enough time before it spread into our dining room/living room and our spare bedroom closet with all of my childhood items in there. Our entire laundry room had to be ripped apart and redesigned. The carpets had to be replaced. It was a mess. Of course since we are renting, it took them forever to fix things. There is nothing like having your heat not work and sitting in a sopping wet condo when there is snow outside. Ugh. I hope your place gets fixed soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    • Ugh that is frustrating! Our landlord said he’s sending a roofer over soon. I thought that’s what he did before. Probably forgot. I need to replace those flats soon. They are so comfy and I love the color, but they are starting to wear out. :)

  2. Score on those jeans (and I love those shoes by the way). Why is it when it rains it pours? Literally sometimes… Yep, told you you could get the migraines sans actual pain ;-) Just didn’t know what they were called. They’re really weird. Do you ever get a dull headache later on? Sometimes that happens, sometimes just the sparklies.

    • I did once, which is why I must now journal. I really hope I don’t end up misplacing it because whoever would find it might think I’m a weirdo! But then again. I do blog. ;) As I said to Hope, I may have to replace the shoeses soon. It will be a sad day.

  3. I get those ocular migraines too. They are so weird. Only once did it turn into an ACTUAL migraine. I realized pretty quickly that I would get them after eating a frozen dinner, so I attributed it to sodium. Hope the tracking/journaling helps!

    • Thanks! I’ll definitely add in sodium to my deets for tracking. Apparently spicy foods can set it off, too. Insane. I’m a siss when it comes to spicy stuff though, hah.

  4. those american eagle jeans DO look comfy. I’m always so hesitant to go into that store because all of their jeans seem so low-rise. but those actually look cute!

    • They aren’t as bad as the Artist, which has such a low rise I have to belt it. The Vintage Flare has the best rise of all their cuts, I never have to worry about peek-a-boo undies in those.

  5. Yikes, that is no fun. I’ve had ceiling leaks before and they’re the worst. Hope everything gets fixed soon, included your eyes/head! Have a good weekend!

  6. Probably the scariest moment of my young life, I was sleeping at the shore house when I heard a little drip drip from the ceiling. It was the middle of the night, so I just put a bucket underneath to deal with in the morning.

    Fast-forward about an hour when I wake up to a louder drip drip then WHOOSH basically a flood from the ceiling as water poured out from the water heater. I have no idea what happened, but it was like the sky was punishing the room. Sppooooookkkkkyyyy.

  7. Hi Krissie, just found your blog via your comment on Leah’s site. (any girl who uses “balls” and “heyooo” in a comment is a-ok with me! :) All the best for the weekend (and the cleanup!)

  8. Adorable jeans!

    I used to get migraines due to TMJ…I’m so sorry you’re going through that. They are no joke :(

  9. I was just wondering if I could find some jeans at AE.. i need really long ones, so i may check them out i think they carry long

    renting is mostly great…except when you have issue after issue!

  10. I long for King of Prussia mall! I’ve only been once before when I was visiting a Philly friend and we only got through 1/3 of the mall, talk about sadness. Last year right before I was supposed to leave for Xmas, my toilet in my house starting overflowing with *ahem* gross stuff. Thank God my landlord was in town because he got someone over there right away. However, I had to pail out the gross water outside so it wouldnt overflow. Oh yeah, I didnt mention how things were coming UP from the drain in the shower right? Yeah, nasty.

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