Happy Halloween 2011

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!  I won’t be getting any trick-or-treaters tonight so I’m hanging in my PJs being lazy.  This was Sheila’s costume from last year (Target clearance!) and it was too ridiculous looking not to share.  Have a good night, friends!

20 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2011

  1. Happy Halloween to you, lady! We didn’t have any trick or treaters either. And I’m sort of ok with that. Instead, I got to dodge all the kiddos on my walk to the gym…

  2. Ahhhh love it :) I didnt get any trick or treaters either. :( Guess all that candy is goin to the office tomorrow! haha

    Happy halloween!

    • Sheila gets terrified if you walk up to her too quickly and will often freeze in fear (she is a sissy). That made putting this on pretty easy. ;) She’s a good sport.

    • Yes! Sheila is one of my two kitties, and the most fluffy and cuddly of the pair. Aki is a jerk 75% of the time, but I love her.

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