Another 5K Ahead

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I have to thank my newer blog-friend Nicole for turning me on to another 5K this weekend.  ;)  I’m just falling in love with the distance again after doing a lot of longer races this year.  The race is the Race for Hope 5K which benefits brain tumor research.  Pretty heavy stuff.  Seeing as how I haven’t run (or worked out at all) this week, it’ll be interesting how I do.  But, I’m looking forward to just getting out and having a good run for a good cause.  Plus, if timing works out, I may meet up with Nicole which would be pretty spiffy.

I have some house-viewing (I think) set up tomorrow and other than that and the 5K, I am not planning to do much of anything else.  Really looking forward to a nice, low key weekend.

What are your plans for this fabulous fall weekend?

PS – I totally forgot to share my “puppy lunch” adventure from yesterday.  My coworker’s doberman had two pups and I’ve been wanting to visit them for a while!  I finally got to play with them during our lunch break yesterday.  I forgot my camera and phone in my desk, but here is one of her pics of the two pups, Nikita & Dare.  HOW STINKING CUTE ARE THEY?!  I <3 puppies.

9 thoughts on “Another 5K Ahead

  1. yay! thank’s for mentioning me! I can’t wait for the race. It’s my very first race ever. As a new runner, I don’t know exactly what to expect. Hopefully we can meet up after and take some pics!

    • Most of the time I tend to run a lot better and slightly faster during a race. The excitement just makes you have all this extra energy. It’ll be fun! :)

  2. Good luck with your 5k! I’m sure you will do amazing! :) Yay, for Scott coming home!! Also good luck with checking out the houses. Have a great weekend!

  3. Good luck with the 5k! You’ll do awesome! And yay for Scott making his way back home! That’s exciting :]

    I LOVE Dobermans! Greg & I have been looking at rescues for one, but can’t find one that is a good fit for us as most have to be the only dog or don’t get along with cats. We’re hoping to find a Dobe of our own soon. Those puppies are just too precious.

  4. Did I hear beer? :) I look forward to the trip pics/recap. I have no plans this weekend as of yet. It feels odd, but i like it.

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