Wings And Lattes

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It’s Friday!  I don’t know about the rest of you, but this week felt weirdly long to me.  I decided to make plans to help the week pass more quickly.  On Wednesday, Hope and I met up at Flanigan’s Boathouse in Wayne for happy hour.

I apologize for the poor quality of some of these photos.  I’m still trying to figure out my new camera.  It seems Sony made most of the custom features I loved on my old one “automatic” and that’s lame.  Anyway.  We spent a good five hours talking about anything and everything, as you may have read from her recap.  I enjoyed a few rounds of the Flying Fish Hopfish IPA which was a decent but not overly strong brew.  We also decided to order some apps for dinner and went with wings (Krissie want wingy!) and a hummus sampler.

Regular hummus on the left, red pepper hummus on the left, and some third thing neither of us felt like trying.  The wings we ordered hot, but actually weren’t as spicy as my limit allows, so no issues there (I’m a spicy sissy).  Needless to say, I did not venture to the gym after.  It was rainy, late, and well, I thought I already had a great enough day hanging with Hope.  ;)

I also didn’t make it to the gym yesterday, though I had an alternative that got derailed.  I got a text from a college friend I hadn’t seen in months to go to an alum happy hour and thought it was a brilliant idea.  I figured I’d do an On Demand workout at home and have enough time to shower and change before catching the train.  Nope.  I sat in a good bit of traffic heading south and by the time I got home all I had time for was the shower.  Oh well.  I enjoyed more hummus at the happy hour, some bbq quesadilla thingy, and a Yards Extra Special Ale.  The beer was sort of a disappointment.  It didn’t have the kick of flavor I was expecting from the description.  It was drinkable enough, though.

Today I am definitely going to the gym.  I plan to do the same workout from Tuesday and I guess the two days off were a good thing as my quads were killing me.  I also have a recipe to share!  This is going to make the post longer, but I figured you’ve all been waiting desperately for two days to hear from me.  No?  Oh…

HG-ish Pumpkin Spice Latte

Original recipe found here.

Now, I have a sort of like/dislike relationship with Miss HG.  On the one hand, some of her ideas are pretty neat and she can have a decent recipe (I admit I do have some of her cookbooks and a few favorite recipes).  On the other hand, she gets a little too crazy with the no fat/no sugar/no happiness substitutions and it makes me want to punch tigers.  That said, I don’t mind swapping a few hydroxy groups with chlorines (aka Splenda) and putting that in my coffee.  Changes I made to the recipe were:

  • liquid vanilla creamer instead of the fat-free powder stuff
  • regular vanilla soy milk
  • light canned whip cream

I planned to bring this with my in the car on the way to work, so I did all the microwaving in a safe mug and then transferred to a travel mug.

I can’t make a travel mug pretty, but it tasted great.  The pumpkin sort of collects at the bottom, so I recommend swirling as you drink to keep the suspension intact.  While this little beverage is a total treat, it does not have nearly the amount of caffeine I am used to drinking in the mornings.  Therefore, I recommend this as an afternoon enjoyment if you’re a regular to heavy coffee consumer.

Unrelated:  Good luck to all of you running the Philly Marathon/Half Marathon/Rothman 8K this weekend!  Kick some ass… even if it’s your own!  :D

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

22 thoughts on “Wings And Lattes

  1. I love hummus and beer. I know most people prefer wings n’ beer, but I just love a good hummus plate with an IPA. Actually, I could go for one right now… to bad I’m still at work…

  2. yummm, that pumpkin latte looks delicious! I went thru pumpkin creamer in October in about 2 weeks. can you say addicted!!?!

  3. I just got to the gym for the first time yesterday (since Saturday). Sometimes it’s just hard to make it happen. But at least good times were had!

  4. We definitely need to plan our next hang out again! :) I love how we both commented about that hummus. We should have at least tried it. Haha. Good luck tomorrow :)

  5. I agree with your love/hate of HG – but punching tigers? that one got me to laugh out loud, too funny!

  6. Your travel mug drink looks better than mine would look if I attempted to make it! My favorite restaurant in FL is called Flanigans and I have a feeling its exactly like the one you went to but a different owner since its a South FL thing. I love spending hours and hours catching up!

    I’m looking forward to finding a home and not considering myself homeless anymore (which I know I’m not, I just call myself that for dramatic effect) I’m looking at apartments this afternoon so hopefully one of them will fit the bill!

  7. lol punch tigers. i loathe HG because she advocates frankenfoods but that’s a topic for another day haha. how about you come up with a gingerbread latte or smoothie that is low sugar and uses nut mylk? i’ve been on the hunt but i haven’t found ‘the one’ yet! :)

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