A Beachy Thanksgiving

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I’ve been thoroughly enjoying a long Thanksgiving break from both work and blogging.  I checked up on people’s stuff, but mainly I took it easy and I feel completely refreshed and ready for the next week.  Prepare yourself for a big recap post ahead!

Thanksgiving this year brought us down to slower lower Delaware with Wednesday night being my 10 year high school reunion.  Thanks to a large effort by yours truly, we had the reunion at the Dogfish Head Brewpub.  I was a little nervous about how the evening would go, but I think it was a great success.  We only had about 30 people come, but DFH’s staff did such a great job making us feel welcome and preparing amazing food for us.

Yum!  I enjoyed a hamburger slider, crab dip with pita slices, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, bacon-wrapped scallops, and fresh fruit.  Their crab dip is probably my favorite and the scallops were perfect. I also enjoyed three different, delicious beers.  I started the night with my favorite IPA, the 90 Min.

That was the last pic (before I polished off the beer) I remembered to take that night.  Ack.  Need to get better about that.  I also had the Pangaea and the Palo Santo Marron.  I’d not had the Pangaea before and I really liked it.  Spicy flavor with floral hints in the aroma.  It was tasty.  We closed down the place and then hit up Summer House down the street to dance off all the food we ate.  I had a total blast and I think everyone else did as well.  Great success!


Thursday we leisurely made our way over to my mom’s with a ton of desserts in tow.  I had the pumpkin cheesecake I made as well as a batch of sweet potato cupcakes with whipped cream and cinnamon on top.  I used this recipe from Annie’s Eats, but had to nix the marshmallow frosting as I ran out of time on Wed morning.  We had a ton of good food at dinner and I still think my mom’s stuffing is the best ever.

The desserts were also a huge hit which was a total relief.  I had to puree my own sweet potatoes for the cupcakes, so I was worried how they came out.

 Good stuff.  We settled into a nice food coma and made a fire out in my mom’s chiminea.  My sister’s dog Bo was even in his own little food coma.  Hah!

After the fire died out, we went back to our hotel and relaxed while watching TV before passing out.


Friday with the weather being so nice and warm, a beach walk was in order.


This was much better than Black Friday shopping, that’s for sure!

Today I really didn’t do much, but made some bangin’ burgers for dinner.  I was inspired by a recipe page I tore out of Real Simple magazine with 10 ideas for hamburgers.  I wanted to make the avocado, sprouts, and cheddar burgers, but the avocado was not ripe enough.  Instead, I put red leaf lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, cheddar, and sandwich sliced pickles on top of my burger.


Completely hit the spot.  Now off to enjoy the rest of the evening of football!

How was your Thanksgiving break?

27 thoughts on “A Beachy Thanksgiving

  1. Aww I cant wait to see the muppets! So excited. And I’ve already ruled out my 10 year reunion next year. I still talk to all the people I want to talk to from high school,ha.

    • I keep in touch with most, but there’s a few people I got to see that I hadn’t for a while and it ended up being a lot of fun. I definitely think a good venue makes the event, though. :)

  2. I’m so glad that your reunion went well! :) I’m happy that you had a great Thanksgiving too. The cheesecake looks amazing and so do the cupcakes. I’m definitely trying your recipe for the cheesecake. It looks too good to pass up! I love your cute couple pictures! I want to see the muppets! Happy Monday!

  3. Super jealous that you got to spend Thanksgiving at the beach! It must have been absolutely beautiful there with the above-normal temperatures. So glad you had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend :)

    Also – I wish you could have planned my ten year high school reunion, too! I couldn’t make it, but in the email they sent out, they said the cost didn’t even include food. Too pricey for what it offered!

    • That sucks! Ours was $28/person and that included a bunch of food platters we picked out (there was even more options than what was on my plate) and all non-alcoholic drinks, plus gratuity, and the event space. I wanted to do open bar, but since not everyone drinks we decided to nix that which helped keep it cheaper. The beach was awesome. A ton of people were out, but I didn’t want them all in my pics, haha!

      • You have it ALLLLL over our coordinators! Ours was $40/person, just for an open bar and no actual meal. As someone who doesn’t drink, I wouldn’t have been able to rationalize paying that, even if I could’ve attended. Ah well … there’s always the fifteenth reunion, right? ;)

  4. I agree – walking on the beach trumps Black Friday insanity any day! Sounds like you had a great time.

  5. Um, I love that burger.

    We ate at Summer House when we were down in Deleware this summer. I loved it!

  6. That burger looks fantastic. And I loooove the 90 minute IPA! Have you had the 120 minute? They don’t sell it in NH, but it’s delightful!

  7. I’m drooling…the food looks amazing!!! I’ve been to Bethany before…Delaware has beautiful beaches. (I used to live on the Eastern Shore here in VA…visited MD and DE a lot.)

    I’ve got to get my hands on that Real Simple.

    Love the pics, Krissie. Such a good-lookin’ couple!

  8. Your break sounds like it was fantastic! Granted, I did have a few stressful moments (aka shopping), but for the most part, I enjoyed quality couch time and friend time. In no particular order… lol

    • I skipped shopping this year. Normally I enjoy late night shopping at the Rehoboth outlets, but when I heard they were all opening at 10pm I said fricking forget it. I may actually being doing baked gifts this year since we’re trying to buy a house and all. :-P

  9. love the beach shadow shot! your pumpkin cheesecake looked like it turned out great!! i spent my thanksgiving break near amish country so i was …bored ha. it wasn’t that bad but my goodness is it a change from city life!

    • Scott told me I am the cheesiest cheeseball he knows for that picture. I may have put it up on Facebook and tagged him in it, haha!

  10. I don’t think I am going to go to my 10 year high school reunion, but I have my 5 year college reunion in May and I am DEFINITELY excited for it!

  11. Fire + Relaxation + Food Coma = Wonderful Evening BTW, love the pic of you two holding hands on the beach. So friggin’ artsy ;)

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