Totally Dragging By

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This week is going soooo slow.  I guess that’s to be expected when you’re in day 4 of marathon paperwork.  My mass spec broke the other day, and the part that needs replacing hasn’t arrived.  This isn’t a huge deal as the only work I needed to do on it is for a project that is now delayed until the end of June.  So, paperworking it is.  I think this has caused me to consume way more coffee than a normal scientist should!  I feel bad for my colleagues.  ;-)

Tomorrow I have my annual review with my boss and I anticipate it to go well, judging from the comments he made about my year in his development plan.  I’m hoping to expand some of my science knowledge in the next year or so, because I’m itching to learn some new techniques.  I’m also hoping I can maybe attend a conference (fingers are crossed on one in Chicago in the fall, cough cough Amy cough).  I also threw in there I wouldn’t mind doing a secondment (kind of like an internal internship) either here or the UK (prefer the UK).  So we’ll see how that all goes!

Apparently the break I had was good to me, as I’ve nearly lost all the weight I gained when I first moved into my current apartment.  That’s pretty spiffy.  Now I can really focus on toning up and getting some kickass muscle definition.

Sorry this isn’t a very coherent or fitness-y update.  I’m a little all over the place today!

7 thoughts on “Totally Dragging By

    • Yeah, I definitely think there’ll be future chances for me to go there. I would DIE, because I could live in London. You’d be required to visit me at least once!

  1. I just wrote today that this week is going sooo slow! At least it’s Thursday!

    Reading about a mass spec just brought back some wonderful (and dreadful) moments in my college labs! Ha!

  2. haha i am NOT having a slow week. it’s flying! i am revving up 4 secondary cell lines at once. i am insane. congrats on the weight loss! ooh i’d totally be all up in that uk business :) p.s. we’re hiring chemists to synthesize second gen compounds, move here? plz. :)

  3. Ugh, this week dragged for me too, despite being super busy! Good luck in your review and your possible UK travel plans!!!

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