Let the Running Begin

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Oh, grand plans of muscley muscles, I should have known you were never going to come to full fruition.  As much as I really enjoyed starting the Livefit program, reality has set in and I am on an indefinite hiatus with it.  I’ve seen many people are loving the crap out of it, but sadly, there are bigger things on my horizon.  Things like a half marathon, and soccer.  Both of which require A LOT of running.  And so, my focus is shifting and my goal now is to gain speed, agility, endurance, and some strength, but not as much as that program requires.  I will direct you to a boarding blogger of my own heart, Janetha, whose results are by far the most impressive I have EVER seen a normal person produce.  Seriously, girl is jacked.

I set up my training schedule based on Runner’s World’s Smart Coach and tomorrow is the first run of my 14-week plan.  My goal with this half is to break the 2:00 time and if that happens, it is very likely I’ll be registering for the Philadelphia Marathon in November.  :D


Tomorrow is (thankfully) an easy run that I will be doing at the gym first thing in the A.M.  I sadly must drop my beloved coche off at the dealer right after work to have the drive and timing belts replaced (that’s a lovely $460 bill there) and I don’t want to miss going.  My ass will be getting out of bed at 5:10 and you all (if there are any of you left) are my witnesses.  ;)  The good news about the car thing is I get a free rental!  I’m kind of excited and afraid to see what they give me.  Also sort of sad about driving an automatic for a day or so, but I digress.

So, the next few months will feature a lot of running.  I also plan to browse the Livefit plan for some good lower body and core strengthening moves to put into plan as well as reconnecting with some good old toe taps and soccer drills.  I have no idea what position I will be playing until I am picked up by a team, so I plan to be prepared for either.  Though if they want to win, they will do well to not put me in at forward.  Scoring was never my strong point.  :(  The good news is the half training will double as prepping me for the lung-destroying position of midfield.  My comfort truly lies with playing outside defense though, and I’ll be crossing my fingers I am able to go back to that.

It won’t all be running and soccer here, though.  I am hoping to get back into cooking and recipe testing more, as well as putting together a little feature on how I got into and succeeded at becoming a snowboarding n00b for any of you ladies… or gents?  that have always wondered if you, too, could shred the snow.  :)

And in case anyone was curious, I did not watch any of the Super Bowl yesterday, but I did watch the Puppy Bowl.  <3

17 thoughts on “Let the Running Begin

  1. I wasn’t super crazy about livefit when I looked at it. Way too much. I like my bro’s plan better, haha. Good luck with your training!

  2. Congrats on another race. The only part of the Super bowl I watched was halftime. Puppy Bowl was WAY better!

  3. I DVR’d the Puppy Bowl for my viewing pleasure at a future date. Maybe one when I’m feeling down, or missing puppies. Sometimes, those two days are the same.

    Looks like a busy plan, but love that you’re back in the game!

  4. Good luck with the training! I’m sure you will do great! :) I’d love to read a feature on how you became interested in snowboarding or skiing. I’ve always wanted to try. I’m just too chicken. Hah.

  5. I’m about to finish the trainer in a month, and then I hope to start running more. I miss the zone out quality of running. Good luck with your training!

  6. soccer is a much more fun way to get running in ;) oh i know! the livefit craze works i’m sure but who has time for that?! seriously i would eat us out of house and home if i worked out that much!

  7. You are so sweet :) I am jealous of your athletic ability! Everyone always thinks I played soccer because of my huge legs, but it turns out I have two left feet :P

    • Don’t ask me to play softball. I couldn’t swing a bat at the broadside of a barn 2 feet in front of me. Hah! :)

      PS – my bday is in March and I’ll totally take your abs as a gift. ;) I kid, I kid…

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