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I’m sitting here watching the announcers make some sense of the Phillies and Pirates opening series and figured I’d throw up a quick (and random) post.

First, Happy Easter to those who are celebrating today.  I haven’t colored eggs and don’t have any baskets full of goodies, but I’m okay with that.  I’ve at least gotten to look at some pretty flowers today.

Back to the Phillies, how do you blow a three run lead against the fricken Pirates?  And how are the Mets 3-0?  Though, this means the Braves are 0-3, which is fine by me.

I have spent entirely too much time on my electronic devices this weekend.  I’ll have to schedule an unplug day soon.  I think it’s totally necessary once in a while.

I wish I had packed my running sneakers today.  Even though my quad is still sore, I think light running is very doable and the weather could not be more perfect today.  Maybe tomorrow, definitely Tuesday.

I have a feeling the work week ahead is going to be insanely productive.  I hope this ends up true.

And those are my random thoughts. Tell me yours!


6 thoughts on “Thoughts and Stuff

  1. My husband thinks I need an unplug day… I guess he’s probably right! Random thought right now is that I do NOT want to be here. The weekend, even with Friday off, went by way too quickly.

    • I don’t want to interact with ANY humans when I move. I hate it that much. And I get really unpleasant to be around. ;)

  2. Ugh the Phillies. Although I guess that’s what you get when Utz and Howard are out? Pence can’t do it all!

    • Indeed he cannot. I hope they get their shit together more as the season goes on. You cannot win if you don’t score runs!!

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