Go With the Flow

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Today got off to a much better start than yesterday did.  I decided to do my best to keep my spirits up and what better way than with my favorite to-go breakfast: Wawa!

IMG_20120411_075124 And for the curious car types, I drive a manual 2007 Hyundai Accent hatchback.  ;)  Work was uneventful but productive and I managed to get home at a decent hour.  The weather shifted a little cooler than I am preferring, but no biggie.  I’m sure we’ll all be complaining about the heat & humidity in a couple months.  I was especially excited to be heading to Hotbox again for tonight’s last class.  My yoga wardrobe is incoherent and kind of unmatched, but I like it.  Today I busted out of a new top from MPG and the hatha pants from Lucy.

IMG_20120411_182049 IMG_20120411_182105 IMG_20120411_182306 Front, side, and back.  The tank is made from a sweat-wicking material and I love that it is loose-fitting.  Practice tonight was nothing short of amazing, and we did a lot of good vinyasa flows and breathing.  Brad is probably my favorite instructor at that place and I am very excited for the special Red Hot Chili Peppers themed class this weekend!  You also can now see that I am not lying when I saw I HAVE NO ASS.  Sad face.  Also please excuse the gross floor.  It’s from when the roof was leaking and the room is scheduled for a makeover.  Oy!

The class was just what I needed to de-stress from yesterday’s madness.  I felt so much more focused and was able to really get into the breathing.  One thing I need to work on is crow pose.  I cannot for the life of me get it.  I either lack the upper arm strength, or it’s not that and I am just a doofus at figuring out the balance.  Goal for the next month or so!

In sporting news!  The Philles DESTROYED the Marlins and I found out today that Hunter Pence’s walk-off song is Skrillex’s Breakin’ A Sweat off Bangarang (GREAT album).  I rocked it on my way back from yoga tonight.  ;)

IMG_20120411_210807 He might have just become my favorite Phillies player, or a close second behind Cliff Lee.  <3  The Flyers tied it up and are heading into overtime.  Fingers crossed they come out with the win.  The Sixers won and it’d be a nice Philadelphia Victory Trifecta, eh?

So that was my Wednesday.  Nothing too dramatic and just a lot of going with the flow.  I like days like that.

Props if you know where the post title comes from, btw.

19 thoughts on “Go With the Flow

    • They didn’t have the top on their site, I got it from a flash sale. BUT I ordered a different top I liked. It already shipped, too!

  1. I busted out some yoga today for the first time in a long time…and man, it helped relieve a lot of tension that’s been built up in my shoulders from this past month.

    And Skrillex? FABULOUS!!! Bangarang is perfect for when you’re feeling all RAWR!!!! ;) So glad you had a better day. (And no, I’m not stalking you…I’m just REALLY catching up on my blog reading. Haha.)

    • LOL thanks! It used to be slightly more ample, but it seems years ago when I dropped like 30lbs that was the first thing to go. Time for tons of squats!!

  2. Crow pose is something I want to work on as well. When I was doing dvd yoga a little more regularly, I got it a few times. But that was two years ago…

  3. I would love to do yoga sometime. I think it will help elievate stress for sure. I love the purple tank! :)

    • You should come to Hotbox with me sometime! I think a drop-in class is only $14. Plus, if we go when it’s a bit warmer we can get froyo at Whirled Peace after! ;)

  4. You look like a tiny little thing. I love the shirt. And the title “Go with the Flow” is just too used, it’s impossible to guess where it’s from. But I’ll just assume it was quoted from a jellyfish.

  5. Damn girl you so skinny. Jealous. Probably because you choose the healthy sizzli while I go for the cholestorol on top of cholestorol sandwiched with the unhealthy carbs.

    • The turkey sausage bagel is 360 calories, 12 g of fat, 43 g of carbs, and 22 g of protein. I also have a hash brown with it. ;) Thank you, though.

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