Tacos and Beer

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Yesterday was one of those days where things just didn’t happen according to plan.  When I got home from work, it was cold, dreary, and rainy.  I know some people brave that to run, but I am not those people.  Instead, I warmed up in the shower, snuggled under a blanket with Sheila, and watched some crappy late-afternoon television.

And then later, I decided it was a good night for tacos.

And beer.

I recognize Yuengling Lager is not the craftiest of craft beers, but it’s kind of our go-to staple in the house when we don’t want to tap anything special and also when we want to drink more than one.  It was my gateway to the world of better beer, and for that I thank it.  By the way, I used 94% lean turkey for the tacos.  You know, trying to be semi-healthy.  That old chestnut.

I have a date with power yoga tonight.  And the sun seems to be back!

I am also purposely not mentioning a certain game last night.  Which I just kind of mentioned.  We’ll speak no further of it.  Thanks.  :-P

18 thoughts on “Tacos and Beer

  1. Every single night of my life is a good night for taco night. Without question. Birthdays, funerals, late night, early night, supper, dinner, fancy dinner parties. Every one.

  2. You absolutely kill me. We can’t get Yuengling here either. Thankfully we have a fair amount of local microbreweries, but I do love Yuengling! And agreed, every night of my life is a good night for taco night. Sooo good!

  3. I’m so jealous of your access to Yuengling. My friend introduced it to me when her dad drove back 2 cases from a trip once. It is amazing and will be the staple of my DC trip I’m taking in a few weeks.

    • When my bf lived in North Aurora, he’d purposely drive home during Christmas so he could take several cases back with him.

  4. I love Yuengling! Have you tried Yuengling light? I think it’s actually good for a light beer. Yes, Mike was pissed about the flyers game. I could hear him yelling from the other room.

  5. I don’t mind the rain if it’s very light and it’s not cold. Cold is pretty much not my friend ever ;-)

  6. If possible, I would pay you to send me Yuengling. I miss it so much!!!

    And snuggling, lounging, tacos and beer kinda sounds like a perfect night to me :)

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