Drop10 Detox – The End

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Sorry to have been MIA for a few days!  I went right into a super busy weekend and didn’t have a free minute to throw up my final thoughts on the whole SELF Drop10 Detox plan.  I only went up through Day 6 with eating because Day 7 was Saturday for me and I was off to a big concert festival thingy all day.  So, here are the deets.

Starting Weight:  152.6lbs
Ending Weight:  149.6lbs
Workouts Completed:  1 of the strength routine sans weights, 2 runs from my half training plan, pickup soccer for 60 min
Beers Consumed:  4 pints (2 at Yards on Wed, 2 at Tired Hands on Thurs)

If you know me, you know I cringe when I hear about detox plans and going on cleanses and stuff like that.  I firmly believe the human body is capable of removing the things it needs to to stay healthy.  However, habit-wise you can get too dependent on packaged meals and eating out, which was the problem I had been having lately.  I needed to get back to basics and start actually prepping whole meals instead of tossing a bag of veggies in the microwave, grazing on snacks, and calling that dinner.

The meals took a bit more prep than I am used to, but were completely worth it.  With a bit more planning I think I could have made a few of the lunches ahead of time, or at least some of the components of it.  The food itself was delicious.  I loved the smoothie recipes and found I was skipping my usual 16oz coffee after having them.  I also started upping my water intake which is something I usually slack on.  I was starting to crave eggs by the end of the week, though, so on Saturday morning I made a super low-cal smoothie and paired it with a Wawa turkey sausage breakfast sandwich.  It was glorious.

I wish I had more to say on the workouts, but I only did the strength moves the one day, then had muscle soreness for three fricken days after.  This tells me that I really need to work on hitting the weights again.  I think if I had incorporated a bit more workouts (I used to be a 5-6x a week gal), I’d have seen an even bigger loss.  But, I’ll happily take the three.

Since ending the plan, and dancing all weekend, I am now actually down to 147.8lbs.  I was having the hardest time breaking under 150 and this was definitely the push I needed.  I’m going to keep using the dinners because they were amazingly delish and easy to prep for one person.  I also love doing smoothies a few days a week instead of the usual breakfast I have.  I think this plan is completely doable and simple to follow.  You’re not detoxing so much as revamping a diet that likely had been dependent on too much processed stuff.  It doesn’t totally nix all processed foods, but shifts the emphasis on the whole ones more so you’re not feeling bloated or sluggish.  As you can see, I still indulged a little in some brewskis (I can’t ever give up beer totally!) and fun foods without seeing it impact me too much.  All about the balance, friends.  Give it a shot!

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