Prepping for Spring

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I’m still waiting on the official word to register for Broad Street.  I’m pretty sure I made the cutoff, but the uncertainty of waiting is no fun!  Btw, the lottery for the race opens tonight at midnight and will stay open through the 13th of Feb.  I’m really looking forward to the races coming up in the spring.  I did mostly okay for Broad Street last year and know I’ll be able to PR this year if I stick to my training plan.  And I’m even more excited to see how I hold up on the course for the Marine Corps Historic Half.  I have a feeling it’s going to be my most challenging half marathon to date.  My hope is not only to really dive into my plan over February and March, but also to work in a bit more of yoga, pilates, and weight training.  I’m in the process of googling and browsing different plans for the weights.  I half-debated going back to the LiveFit trainer, but the no cardio rule just ain’t happen’.  My work gym has power yoga and pilates covered (and I’ve got some class cards to Hotbox and another studio to work in as well).

But for now… rest….

Yeah… I’m still on my brief running hiatus until soccer on Monday night.  After careful WebMD-ing (not by me), I’m pretty sure I strained my hip flexor(s) on the left leg during soccer (according to this article, soccer players are especially prone to such things, go figure).  I know, I know, I should really consult someone who knows what they are doing, but for now I’m going to work on icing the area after any games, and incorporating some stretching/strengthening to rehab the area, along with an Advil if absolutely necessary.  I can move fine on it, so we’ll see how this goes.  If it gets worse, off to the doc I go.  Thankfully, all other appendages, joints, muscles, and ligaments are feeling just peachy.

In nerd news that’s kind of shameful, I am just now watching the Firefly series.  Something is clearly wrong with me to have waited this long to see it, but I love it and am preparing for the crushing blow of reality when the final episode plays and there is only the movie to watch.  And then it’s OVER.  The future is bleak.

Anywho, a good weekend to all!

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