Betting On Me

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Yeah, I really couldn’t think of a less corny title for this post.  It happens.

I know weight gets to be one of the touchiest things people talk about, either online or off.  For many years, I was successfully able to shed a few pounds I picked up from college and maintain it.  Then, a speed bump (followed by a giant pothole) happened.  Without getting into the gritty details of how and why and what, the end result of the past two years was weight yo-yoing and now I’ve got a little more than I’d really like to be carrying.  It’s no big deal, but I refuse to restock ALL the jeans I have.

In the past, I guess I kind of felt like I had to maintain a certain physique to get people to accept me (read: guys).  It was pretty stupid, but the truth is I never really did anything totally for myself.  Until now.  Which is weird.  Really weird.  But, it shouldn’t be.  Anyway, I’m dating someone who truly and completely thinks I look perfect just the way I am, and it’s great!  The thing is, I just don’t feel great sometimes.  I can’t keep my endurance up during soccer as much as I could when I first got back into the sport in 2012, and the whole not being able to wear 90% of my wardrobe kind of blows.  Plus, I want to keep working on getting faster as much as I can before age truly catches up and starts the inevitable decline.

But hey, things could be far worse.  What I’ve learned from this is that on my own, I’m kind of lazy.  I need some kind of kick in the ass to get things going.  I know once I’m on a roll, I’ll remember all the awesome things about actually being healthier.  Here’s where the bet thing comes in.

My friend Courtney set up a game on DietBet.  The way it works is you wager $25.  Weigh in just before the game starts.  Then, you have four weeks to lose 4% of your starting body weight.  That’s it.  Anyone who makes the 4% shares the pot.  I liked this idea because you’re not competing against anyone to finish fastest, or lose more.  You’re competing against yourself.  And they seem to have a decent plan in place to prevent major cheating.  I was pretty stoked to sign up and get the weigh in out of the way.

So for me, I’ve got to cut 6.2lbs.  Spread out over four weeks it’s 1.55lbs/week, nothing crazy or extreme.  I think I can totally do this.  With my running schedule kicking back up and the second round of indoor soccer starting, I’ve got most of my workouts already planned for me.  I just need to add a decent weight routine and throw in some yoga here and there.  Piece of… cake…  mmmm.  cake.

Right.   So, we’ll see how I do with this.  I think the financial factor will be interesting.  At the end of it, it won’t make anyone like me more or less, I’ll just possibly be out $25.  And that’s something I can definitely deal with.

One thought on “Betting On Me

  1. This is a really neat idea! You can definitely do it! I’ll be rooting for you!

    4% is roughly 5.5lbs for me, but with the way things have been going with my weight over the last few months, I’d be happy to simply not gain another 5.5lbs.

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