Ready, Set, Go!

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Good morning, friends!  I am off today as there is much to do and see for the start of the weekend!  I may be a bit sporadic in posting until I can fully sit down, as I am attending this little event…


Today’s plans involve a futile effort to straighten my hair while the weatherman is predicting 60% chance of rain, hitting up the Frito-Lay cooking demo, rushing home to grab my stuff, picking up this girl from the airport, then getting all prettied up for the cocktail party tonight!  I’m really excited to be doing to much socializing as it’s been sort of lacking lately (wah wah waaaaah).  I am hoping the day goes better than my morning where I discovered the batch of cookies I made earlier in the week had been invaded (even in a “sealed” container) by stupid, f-ing ants.  Sad to say the whole three dozen went into the garbage can and were coated with ant spray.  I definitely didn’t have this issue last year, super pissed.  :(  Anywho, off to go look semi-presentable!  Cheers!

Semi-Grand Plans

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I had grand plans to accomplish a lot at work today, head to the gym for an insane workout, make all kinds of healthy food for dinner, and be a great success.  I sort of accomplished a little of each, so quasi-success?  I didn’t get everything I planned done at work (paperwork is the bane of my existence!) and when I got home I just did NOT feel like going to the gym.  I put my gym clothes on and pondered what to do.  It was too hot to run so I opted for an On Demand workout.  I scrolled over to Exercise TV and “Sexy Summer Body” was just screaming at me to click on it.  I did the new Bikini Body workout starring Stephanie Vittorino.  Girl is jacked.  For being only 20 min of squats, arms, and ab work, it was intense!  I think I may have to do this workout more often.  It’s quick and dirty, no fuss, no frills.  Just you, Steph the Ab Monster, and a pair of hand weights.  Sign me up for life!

Post-workout, I’ve been catching up on some magazine reading,

flipping between trashy reality TV and my “Phillies boyfriend“,

who is doing a pretty damn good job against the Dodgers currently.  Proof we are a little Phils-crazy in this house:

DSC02585You can’t tell from the pic, but the basement ceiling is mere inches above the TV stand.  This makes my 5’9” frame REALLY awkward down here for a workout.  Note to self:  next house must have TALLER ceilings where the TV is located.  I nearly knock out the ceiling tiles every time a move requires an overhead reach.  It’s as stupid-looking as it sounds.

I don’t really have any food pics to share today as I didn’t eat great and when that happens I tend to “forget” to take pics.  I do have a pic of the muffin-y wonder that is Sheila.

When lacking content, cats and other pets are great post-fillers.  ;)  I promise to be more interesting soon.  Seriously!

Nerdy News:

I successfully registered for the 2011 Healthy Living Summit!  Feel free to get in touch with me via my Contact page since I am local and will know no one there!  Good stuff.  I can definitely recommend good bars for meetups.

I have also taken the red pill and signed up for a Twitter account.  You can follow me (if you want) via @phillynerdgirl.  I’m just learning this new fangled technology, so bear with me if my tweets are over punctuated and silly.  :D

Invasion Alert!

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Warning, if you have issues with bugs, this post may creep you out.  Ok, you’ve been warned.

Wednesday began the beginning of what has been a fairly stressful 48 hours.  Scott went to open the lid of the fish tank to feed the fishies and shouted, “Oh my god babe look!!!”  I grabbed the couch stool to stand on and peered over the lid.  ANTS!  Everywhere!  Literally overnight they staged an invasion and attempted a hostile takeover of Scott’s fishtank.  Talk about gross!  They had bypassed the cat food and decided the fish tank would be a better focal point.  WTF!  Lots of RAID-ing, Febrezing, bleaching, vacuuming, and 50/50 vinegar-watering commenced.  The casualties include a 5 lbs bag of sugar (they raided the kitchen, too, the f-ers), a bag of crackers, and 2/3 of a box of Kellogs Special K Cinnamon Pecan (sob!).  I’ve asked countless people what the hell we did wrong.  We clean, we vacuum, we have cats that like to eat bugs.  Apparently living in an old house + having tons of rain means easy access for critters.  YUCK!  I’m happy to report after putting everything on the planet in ziplock bags and continually vacuuming and spraying things, the invasion has died to a few mere stragglers that I’ve been more than happy to squish.  I’ve also set out bait and we plan to collect all of our used coffee grounds to dry and spread around the house (will keep stay cats away, too!).

I won’t post pics, because that would be gross.  Ugh.  Anyway…

It seemed the traffic gods did not want me to make my workout last night.  A section of road by work was closed for bridge repair and apparently everyone and their boss used it because the other way (that I use) gets backed up like CRAZY.  They installed a light that seems to be making matters worse.  It took me 1.5 hours to get to my gym from work which is maybe 7 miles?  Insanity.  Since my workout time was cut shorter, I decided to crank up the resistance on the elliptical to level 16 and sweat my brains out.  I followed that up with some ab work and called it a day.  I felt happy and good to be working out again after a 3 day hiatus.  I also managed to head over to Target to get some much needed stuff which I will post about later (with pics!).

I’ve got a long day of paperwork ahead, so I will get to that.  But, before I go, I just want to announce I am SO excited to see the Healthy Living Summit is going to be in Philly this August!  Registration doesn’t seem to be open yet, but with it being so close I won’t have to pay for a hotel and can just take the train in.  :)  If anyone else is planning to go let me know!  It sounds like a great event!

Ok, back to work now.  See you kids later!

Krissie J