Stop and Gaze

I signed up for a workshop that focuses on writing your grief. There are daily prompts to guide the day’s writing, and sometimes it is easy to put my thoughts together. Sometimes it is not.

One of the exercises I literally rolled my eyes at when I first read it. We were to open a newspaper (who has any of those anymore?) and randomly pick words to put together in a poem of sorts. The story behind why was beautiful, but the practice itself seemed, for lack of a better word, dumb to me. Until I did it. I grabbed a copy of a fitness magazine off my bedroom floor and decided to see what jumped out at me.

The exercise ended up being enjoyable, who knew? So I’ve decided to share my “found poem” here and I highly recommend you try this, even just for the entertainment of sharing with friends. The poems don’t have to be deep, they can even be funny. Just give it a try and see what you come up with.

Take care of your body and brain
Meditative bliss still eluding you?
The process takes two hours
Why not devote some effort?
The big guns obviously aren’t for everyone

Barely visible
Breathing problems
10 seconds
Tools to soothe
Move forward

What’s making you feel happy and grateful?
Sounds a little like medicine
Being bold
A new way
Feeds your soul

It isn’t real
The perfect evening
Mornings are hard
Recover and get stronger
More deeply

Plenty of time
Cutting back
Keep calm
An adventure
Spiritually awake
Stop and gaze