About Me

An awkward, goofy, kinda grief-y, but always authentic blog from a 30-something widow trying to make the best of the dumpster fire life has sometimes handed her.

I am resurrecting this blog after a many-years hiatus because I need a place to brain dump the things that go through my head, the situations I may find myself in, the places I will go, and the stuff I will eat & drink along the way! So, basically everything.

At the age of 30 I met the love of my life: a warm-hearted, intelligent man named Daniel whose passion for soccer and refereeing was equally matched by his love of really nerdy shit and his well-kept beard. A couple months before I turned 36, stage IV pancreatic cancer would take him from me.  Fuck January 22, 2019 forever. Dan was one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met, and he told me to keep living and honoring our dreams and our story. I hope I do his legacy justice.

Come and join me, it might be interesting, it is going to be unfiltered (to an extent), and it most certainly will involve a lot of cursing.  And beer.

“The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.”

PS – I live near Philadelphia, a great city on the east coast of the United States that you should totally visit. I’ll give fantastic suggestions. 🙂


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